Cool Off the Natural Way

How to Chill Water without Electricity 

The water in a vessel is sparkling; the water in the sea is dark. The small truth has words which are clear; the great truth has great silence.


Through centuries the people of the Indus Valley (India, Palistan and neighboring countries) have used a natural ways to cool water. 

This is from way before modern electricity was even discovered. I love century old ancient traditions and love that they still exist and make sense in our modern day.

Earthen pots  hand molded by skilled potters are supposed to keep the water cool by ways of evaporation. The older the pot, cooler the water.

Supposedly it even filters the water naturally, as it lets the impurities settle at the bottom while keeping the water Crystal clear.

I just bought me one of these today, this is a slightly modern one with a flip open tap, older versions come with twist taps too. I like those, however the guy selling one today said they can have leakage issues.

Nowadays they even come painted in color with floral patterns. Though the man selling it did mention that  the white one doesn’t cool as well.

Best to keep it natural. I even tested mine with some water poured in , fortunately no leaks. After all it is hand made and naturally some can have a margin of error.

I know people who have their earthen pot/ matti ka Matka for over a decade and swear by it.

I’m gonna try this for myself and see how it works. I believe you can put chaas (salted buttermilk) or even Shikanji (lemon mint sugar water) in it to chill through the hot Indian summer.

If you are in Mumbai and wish to buy one, I got mine from 

Matka Mohan (tel:+91 7700074533)


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