What is Life??

After a lot of careful observation of my elders and people around, I feel life is about balancing energy … Our vital life force, Qi, Prana or simply energy.

This energy is abundantly available to us to draw upon whoever we choose and it’s fairly easy to get, however the modern lifestyle, overwhelming distraction and fast paced digital age often takes us far away from the simple source.

When I say energy is abundantly is available, I look at balancing our panchtattva : the five elements.

  1. Vayu or Wind
  2. Dharti or Earth
  3. Akash or Sky
  4. Jal or Water
  5. Agni or Fire

I  guess that’s why we feel relaxed and rejuvenated when we are by the beach or in a forest or near a water body, when the sun is shining above us, the wind is blowing freely dancing around us, sky looks blue with soft white clouds, the earth feels soft yet firm below our feet (good for grounding) and the water body is close by.

That is the moment we are rebalancing our elements by embracing them and reveling in them. Mother Nature loves us as we are one of her own, we just need to feel the love and come in balance.

Now combine this with a vegetable, fruit, nut and seed diet and you have plenty of vital life energy. These act as anti oxidants that can slow down aging and maybe even add years to our lives. These help in de-stressing by improving our heart, mind, body and soul health. They make us feel relaxed and more in tune with our natural state… Leading to simple bliss. Mind is calm, thoughts are uncluttered and life is good.

Fairly simple and yet so hard.


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